Put the vicious ones to sleep already!

Yeah, I bring it on myself by subscribing/liking/friending so many animal rescue sites but not seeing it won't make it not exist. A dog dumped in a dumpster in Whitehorse after a year of systematic torture. Saskatoon SPCA just found a cat whose legs were tied together. The cats and dogs in Edmonton that had their moths taped shut to slowly starve. Cats shot with arrows, BB's. Puppies and cats hung in trees and blow-torched. (fuck, they do that in Korea to dogs so they "taste better full of adrenalin" ) Dogs sprayed with lye, dogs kicked, bludgeoned, stabbed... even fucking RAPED. Animals we eat or whose milk we drink, who we should treat with honour and respect and gratitude for supplying us with food, we turn over to sadists who kick them in the udders, taser and fling their babies in the air to dash their brains out. So-called religious 'plain people' who fill their barns with stinking cages piled 20 deep to breed and breed and breed to death small dogs for the pet stores. Because animals have no souls. You know who has no soul? The humans who do this. And they should be put out of their victims' misery. —out of my mind with it Molly

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