So...the province is willing to pay one of the big banks up to 22 million dollars to provide, what they say, is a possible 500 jobs....that's all well and good...I have no issue with anyone providing jobs....but what I don't get is why the government has to bribe these corporations to do so....said big bank, in 2014, was making an average profit of 26.4 million dollars....a day....or...$1,102,000.00 per hour....So I ask, why does the government feel the need to provide 22 million dollars in "job incentives" when the bank can cover the cost of these same incentives in less than a day? If I'm sitting at your kitchen table with $25,000.00 in my hand and I ask you to give me $2.00 for a bus ticket...would you? I'm pretty sure $22,000,000.00 could buy an awful lot of food, clothing, medicine, textbooks....... —Tired of mismanagement

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