Thanks HRM

Glad to see you are hard at work.....You ask residents to clear sidewalks and I spend over an hour, sweating my moderately sized butt cheeks off, clearing the only catch-basin on our cul-de-sac, so that you could come along and push that last 3 inches of frozen slop back into the huge hole I dug in the 6 foot high snow bank. It's not like you were even driving down the street pushing snow off to the right where you may not have seen the huge opening in the you pushed it straight in....even though it was pretty fk'in obvious there was a catch-basin there.....RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. If you, HRM, think I am clearing this catch-basin again, for the third time (yes that's twice you've done this), then you can kiss my previously mentioned sweaty butt cheeks. Good job creating more work for your own crews and citizens. Get with the are sadly disorganized......don't care how much snow we have gotten. Please don't forget to send another piece of heavy equipment back to clear the block of ice now totally blocking the only place for water to go on our street....don't worry the taxpayers have lots of money for you. —Taxpayer

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