Winter Clearance Crews Doing Things Arse Backwards

I live in a side street off South Park and Inglis. I spent 40 minutes Friday afternoon with a tiny metal spade, pushing the snowbank back about 4 feet, one spadeful at a time, and digging down until I exposed the entire curbside sewer. I was never so glad to see a rusty storm sewer in all my life. Saturday afternoon when walking back home from downtown, I noticed the enormous bulldozer tire tracks all over the streets, right into the curb ... completely covering up with packed down slush 'n snow all the stormwater sewers that civic-minded neighbours had broken their backs to uncover in anticipation of the Saturday night rain. How stupid and incompetent can "professional" winter clearance crews be? Lucky for you I think of my neighbours, not just myself, so I dug out the storm sewer a SECOND TIME. This Sunday morning I dug yet more of the snowbank back towards the curb, chopping out drainage channels through the bulldozer-packed-down hard slush to speed up the draining of the lake of water in my driveway. Facilitating the drainage of water should be part of routine winter maintenance to prevent flooding and flash freezing. Oh wait, I can hear my Mum again: "Whatever happened to common sense?" —Both My Elbows Are Now Tennis'd and My Back is Broken

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