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In a world where everyone and everything is in debt in one way or another, we rely 100% on our government to ensure our safety and prosperity. From health, to safety, to education, all aspects of our lives are managed by the government of Canada. It blows my mind when counsel and mayor spend money like it's Toony Tuesday at Taco Bell. We opted to spend $200,000 repainting sidewalk crosses because people are so insanely dumb that they can't look before crossing the road (or can't take their eyes off their phone while driving) that we need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to make sure these idiots have an excuse when they get hit that fault doesn't really get shifted in the first place. A few years back Dal was crying for funding to keep scientific research data in the country by getting their own servers setup, they needed $300,000, and if they couldn't they would have to store their data in the US&A on Google servers. They never did get that funding.. but we spend $200,000 on zebra striped cross walks? This kind of irresponsible spending is what is keeping us in debt, I can live with politics spending a few thousand(s) of dollars on their own personal life, hell I would ever encourage it if it meant they did their job correctly and gave us a surplus. Maybe it's time to change how we look at the debt vs income structure in Nova Scotia. Maybe it's time to let oil companies come and ravage our province like Alberta, After all.. they only pay about 5-7% income tax for far better service than we have. Instead everyone is concerned about the environment all of a sudden when frankly pollution around here is at an all time high. Personally I think if we did make as much money as Alberta, we'd end up blowing it on more zebra stripes from people getting hit by the oil tankers. Maybe it's for the good though, one less moron who isn't draining our fiscal budget by "working seasonal shifts" and more money in the hands of the corrupt politicians that fight to give them the check so they can buy a $20,000 talking Christmas tree. —A logical thinker

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