How hard is it REALLY to clear snow?

Dear Halifax, Let me start by saying - I see you. I know you're out there every day working hard, sleeping in your baco (yeah, I see you sleeping in there). But seriously, the main argument I kept hearing on the radio is that "When it snows, it freezes, then becomes nearly impossible to plow the snow out of the way". A modest and clear answer, however when it snows you plow the middle of the road, then don't do a second plow until days/weeks after you've made your pass through once. If you did a double pass, each time clearing one side of the road to the curb you wouldn't have to deal with frozen snow. People today lack such common sense it's astounding how they made it to the age they are.. People should use their heads a lot more and stop trying to fix everything at once. —A pissed off motorist that keeps having lanes cut off

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