Male Entitlement?

Is it too much to ask that if you go out with someone on a first date (a blind date) and you know that you are not interested in them, that you pay for your own meal/drinks? I totally get that buying you a meal or some drinks does not entitle me to anything but a pleasant evening of conversation with you, which you did deliver and we had a great time. But then you said you didn't want to see me again and I felt disappointed and used. The disappointed feeling is to be expected because you really seemed like a cool person and we did have fun but I do feel like you took advantage of the fact that I was interested in you and you were not interested in me and allowed me to spend a lot of money on you. In this society, I am the entitled one? Because it is assumed that I expect sex in exchange for paying for dinner and drinks? But I don't, I'm not looking for a one night stand, I would really like to meet someone special - like you. You acted like you really liked me and even said things that made it seem like you were interested. Like Louis CK says, the fact that any woman agrees to go out with any man is a miracle. (really funny bit, look it up) ... and I understand if I'm not the guy for you, that's just how it goes sometimes. But ladies, please understand, men feel a lot of pressure to pay on first dates (even if you don't pressure them). If you are genuinely interested in equality, please don't take advantage of that fact. Especially if you aren't interested in the guy, at least OFFER to pay for yourself. We may be the enemy to a lot of you but we are still human beings, we still want to be loved and accepted by someone and we still feel used when you do this. —Still Looking

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