NO Honest reporting

I have just read another absolutely BullShit report on inflation ! Seems inflation in Great Britian has dropped to -Zero- percent. And Lady's & Gents that's really bad ! ! Or at least it is according to the idiot reporter who broke the story. You see according to this rocket surgeon of a reporter, its really bad that prices haven't gone up. BECAUSE , everyone will wait a year or more before buying anything well all HOPE it will get cheaper. YEAH, according to this whacko (& lets not forget most of the Banksters, & Politicians) will also claim just how horrible lower prices are. Because we will all wait. We won't buy food, we'll all wait of it to get cheaper. We'll stop using electricity & gas until next'll be cheaper. I won't buy a new truck, I'll just drag my tools, & equipment around on a plastic sheet until next year ...when it will be cheaper. Those people who support this Keynesian thinking , all need to be immediately removed form their posts put it restorative mental facilities & medicated until they recover...hopefully in 20 or 25 years from now , we can check to see if they are allowed out. With a caveat of course that politics & finance are positions they can never be involved in again . Why are there no reporters , putting the stupidity of -zero- inflation being bad for consumers, pointing out the facts that cheaper prices won't harm us, they'll help us by allowing our dollar to purchase, if not more, at least the same amount ! ? ! —AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGG !

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