Ready Set Love!

Been feeling pretty lonely lately. And it's not a true lonely feeling I suppose as I have friends, and family. More of a yearning for something else...yearning for a different life perhaps? I've always wanted to meet The One. Share my life with them, mutual respect and love, the whole sha-bang. It just constantly feels like I'm waiting. Sure I've met a few I deeply loved, especially the one that got away...but yet the best I feel is soon to come. Well maybe not soon, but in the definite future. I hope at least, but every guy in Halifax that I've met are nothing but broken promises and faces blurred in my memory. Some I hate, some I miss, and some I long to be still in their lives. It's not like I'm ugly, I have the heart and compassion and yearn to want to please someone. But yet men's eyes, dicks and hearts wander...heh I don't blame you all...given the state of most Halifax 'girls'...and I use the word girl not woman. Women don't run around sleeping with every Tom Dick Harry and John they meet. Ladies ladies, have some respect. YOU'RE the reason men lose respect for women. Sometimes I wish I were born in a different era. Did you know the first time women really wore shorts in public a bunch of men were so distracted there was a car accident? There has to be more than physical attraction. I'm sick of men basing their opinions on looks. Heh I sound like one ugly mofo but nope not today! —Hiraeth, the impossible

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