You're lonely because you're a CREEP!

You started out by turning on the charm, which you seemed to have in abundance; cooking a lovely meal to share, inviting me 'round for coffee regularly, giving me the impression that you were a spiritual man, feeling a bit lonely and missing female companionship. I was taken in by your clever conversation and humour, and thought I'd found someone I could have a good friendship with. I never indicated in any way, by flirting, innuendo or otherwise, that I was interested in having a sexual relationship with you. But within a couple of months you started turning every conversation into a discussion of either your sexual proclivities or exploits, then trying to grab a feel or plant a sloppy wet kiss on me as I was headed out the door. The last straw was your announcement that "there are half a dozen guys in our building who would like to get hold of [me] and do unspeakable things to [my] body.” WTF? Was that supposed to make me feel good, that you and your loser friends are discussing me in this vulgar, ignorant way? Well, news flash, bucko; here's why you're fucking lonely. It's because you're a bull-shitting CREEP! —X Was Right...You Are A Loser.

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