Lazy and worthless eh?

K, that bitch the other day really and truly pissed me off. You think you're fuckin better than me because you work a peice of shit call centre job? Guess what man, I worked lots of those too, finally worked enough of them to get the experience necessary to get a job that I could live half comfortably. Took me about 4 years. I always left jobs on good terms with another, better one lined up. I Worked there for 3 and a half years, and I worked fucking hard. I was one of the best on the team, clients loved me, I knew all the procedures and processes better than anyone else, any time constructive criticism was given I worked to improve and my performance reviews reflected that. I was let go with two weeks pay and a "sorry it didn't work out". I won't get into details but it was not performance related, I specifically had permission from my direct supervisor to do what I was doing, they fired me over it anyways. That was January of 2012. Ever since then it has been a real struggle to find steady employment. I have had a few temp jobs, a few that didn't work out for whatever reason. I could get into my whole life story but mainly I just want to say fuck you. I hope someone punches you in your smug little face and breaks every tooth in your fucking smug little grin, and then when you have to take time off work some stranger with no knowledge of your situation tells you you're lazy and worthless. Or better yet, I hope your perfect employment streak ends and you end up in the boat I'm in, and then go back and read your hurtful ignorant words. Oh and by the way, people pay into EI, they have every right to collect it, it runs out after a while, you can't just sit on it indefinitely. it is funded by their premiums. You only qulify for it under certain circumstances. It's not easy to get if you work in the service industry like almost all of our younger folks do. Don't you have something better to do than shit on those less fortunate than you? You have no fucking sweet clue what you're talking about. —TJ902

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