Tinder, the most widely used matchmaking app is a revolutionary tool in the realm of hook up culture, connecting people to potential sexual partners located within a specified radius. Its distinguishing feature is that it’s solely based on physical attraction. You simply view pictures of different people in the area, provided limited personal information and you “swipe” left to indicate that you are not interested, and right to indicate that you are “down.” If both parties swipe right, there is a “match” and the lines of communication are opened. I didn’t actually have to tell you that because well, you already know what Tinder is. If you don’t have it yourself, one of your friends does and has probably testified that it’s harmless fun. While using Tinder may or may not be directly harmful, I am objecting to Tinder because it is an enabler of frivolous sex, and a primary driver of the depreciating value of real life and real love. I object on the basis that: 1) Tinder is nothing more than the pursuit of pussy for pussies. Guys, you might want to fuck a pussy, but girls… do you? 2) The SWIPE? How can it be that this action that often leads to sex requires less thought than turning on the television? The swipe is so unintentional; it might as well be an accident. You could literally pocket swipe your way into someone else’s pants. What the fuck. 3) Girls, don’t get swiped off your feet. No matter how beautiful you are, some stranger swiping right at your photo isn’t a compliment. I don’t have a problem with sex or casual sex for that matter- I have a problem with perpetuating the idea that sex is meaningless and that attraction is nothing more than an algorithm - a mere calculation. Just remember that every time you swipe, you are contributing to the woeful mentalities that dominate hook up culture. —Lindsay

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