Women only want a man to support them

Let me start off as to point out that I am not a cheapskate. I have no problem paying on the first date. I've taken women out to a nice meal and paid the bill on many occasions. My issue is that society expects me as a man to foot most of the bills while in a relationship. I make decent money, however I'm not rich. I make $70K, not $700K. Yet it's practically expected of me to support a woman. This expectation is amplified for me since I'm below-average looking. I was recently dumped by my girlfriend of 2 years after asking her if she could pay her own student loans. I made $70K while she was barely pulling in $30K per year, so I had no problem covering the entire rent of $1400/month while she got the smaller bills power, cable, car payments, gas, etc. The other monthly bills combined that she had to pay were only about $600, less than half that I was paying for the rent, so I didn't think it was that unreasonable to expect her to pay her monthly student loan payments of $300, especially since she was paying them when she was single! She dumped me, telling me that since I was making twice as much as her, I should atleast put something towards her debt or it meant I didn't love her. So according to her, money equals love. My argument is, I don't want to get taken advantage of, as this has happened in the past. One lovely girl in my past slowly took more and more from me. Started off with me paying all the rent (since I made more, I felt it was fair to get the big bill)...then she wanted me to buy her a car, and eventually pay all of her bills....when I told her I felt used, she proved it and dumped my ass. After being dumped, my own mother tells me I'm cheap and should have helped her out with her debt. My buddies told me since I'm ugly I was lucky to have her and that I should have paid up. Really? So it's unreasonable for me to expect a woman to pull her own weight? I'm ugly, so I guess I have to pay to keep any woman?? Fuck that shit. I'm not looking for a prostitute, I'm looking for a woman who will like me for me. —Ugly but financially stable

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