The Power of Prejudice

Attention to every paranoid old lady or thugged out lowrider who has rolled up their windows and locked their doors after making eye contact with a defeated, down-on-our-luck hobo panhandling on the meridian: life sucks enough for us already, hobos are not going to sell themselves to prison for stealing the measly 35 cents you have in your ashtray. we do, however, have feelings, and dealing with pretentious people like yourself - going so far out of your way to avoid any contact with us, be it a passing whiff of our sad souls, or a melanholy mumble of "have a nice day," - doesn't particularly motivate any of us to work towards assimilating ourselves into society because that means we'll have to deal with more pricks like you. —Dude with the Dreadlocks & Sign around Connaught St.

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