Stupid offensive bullshit budget

I don't get where our current government gets off taking from those who have little or nothing to give. I'm talking about those who have to depend on provincial Income Assistance to survive and who are now being cut and slashed by this budget decision. It's wrong and should be stopped. If you have to pay out compensation packages for past wrongs, get the fucking money from the better-off among us who can afford it, not take it from the poorest of the poor.. Enjoy your time in power because you won't get in next time. The poor among us are also voters and you can bet they won't support anyone who won't support them. It's high time governments everywhere stop preying on the most vulnerable citizens in society and, if anything, do more to ensure they get what they need. Fuck the conservative-minded taxpayers and their hatred and prejudice of those who have to depend on government handouts. Pray you don't find your sorry ass in the same boat. If you do, then you'll understand. —Tired Of Government Slashing

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