When they came for the bakers, I said nothing

To get it out of the way, I don't believe the film tax credit cut was a good idea or handled well. I do, however, think it underlines a bigger problem affecting Nova Scotia. In recent news alone we've seen Target, Ben's Bakery, Future Shop and countless mom-and-pop shops around town close up shop for good. The big names can take the hit without flinching, but the local businesses are obviously suffering. Where were the social media rallies for them? Where were the discourses on supporting local cultures? Certainly not plastered all over my Facebook wall day in and day out. Thanks to the film industry being obsessively active on social media, film industry workers get to play a very well trumped-up victim card. If they cared about Nova Scotia's economy it would have come in when or before businesses started closing up shop left right and center, and the response wouldn't be taking your ball and moving west. —Unfollower of Posts

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