My fellow Nova Scotians

It seems that no matter what happens to us—be it strikes, tax hikes, the constant raising of gas prices to suit our present government—most Nova Scotians love to bitch about the high prices we pay for this and that. But when it comes to doing anything about our constantly getting screwed over by whoever in government, no one has the balls to do anything about how we the taxpayers of Nova Scotia are treated. I wonder why that is? Every time we turn around something is going up in price, but not salaries and not pensions for seniors. Taxes, gas, electricity; the main three, and man do we bitch about it. But march in the streets in protest? Hell no, that's too much to ask. If anyone noticed the news of late, the filmmakers were pissed off because they were not catching a tax break for making movies in Nova Scotia, so they took their case to the public by demonstrations and general pressures by being on the news constantly. Low and behold, our famous finance minister gave them the break they were looking for. But something so important as gas price hikes, electricity hikes and tax increases in Nova Scotia deserve far more pressure than a few filmmakers, but it gets no pressure from Nova Scotians because I am starting to think that we have no balls. I have decided for the future if someone from any other part of Canada asks me where I am from I'm going to tell them No Balls Nova Scotia. —Mysticalman4U

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