Power hungry coucillors

To the bug eyed idiotic coucillor that did not like my comment about the next election to the extent you had to find any bullish excuse to have a go at me in the middle of a restaurant instead of dealing with the issue at hand. If you were actually listening to anyone else but your own voice I may not of had to repeat my name to you 4 times for you till screw it up when you called me back after researching things.telling me you will get back to me which at least you did that. This is the 21st century and freedom of speech is still allowed. But maybe my comment hit on the truth and you couldn't deal with it so you turned into a bug eyed idiot and freaked out making assumptions about me. A real person of your so called important standing (important to you)should of walked away. As much as you think you are the be all and end all you're sure as hell not so get off your high horse and do the job my hard earned taxpaying dollars pays you to do and stop being afraid of people with a voice especially when they speak the truth.. —freedom speaker

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