A friggin quarter...

I am a slightly old award winning global recording artist. I live in the South shore in a house that was bought and paid for by music. Mostly when I was a busker in Halifax in the 80's. I don't need to busk anymore but for a lark I go out and see how it is out there on the streets. Halifax you suck way out loud. WTF you can't afford a quarter for a brilliant musician? You can't pull your head out of your ass or your Ishit to listen to real music? Do you now or are you slightly aware that most likely 20 to 35% of the population of Nova Scotia plays music and you dick heads can't reach in to your fat little pockets and shell out a quarter or a dime?...... maybe just because you maybe appreciate fucking music and you call yourself a Nova Scotian. On the other hand Thank you real people who give a shit and tossed a bit of your hard earned cash. The music world love ya.... a whole lot. You most likely attend concerts etc and have fulfilled life. Cheers. —Moving back to Europe where they give a fuck about music

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