I'm really quite nice, but...

I've bitched this before and I'll bitch it again... the money you are paying your cashier for you items goes into his or her hands, not tossed on the counter like they're a dog begging for scraps or set down in front of you so that they have to reach two feet away and pick it up like a servant. You don't throw your bills around the counter like the maid will pick it up. Thank you for the business and everything, but there's no need to dehumanize the person working because you're the almighty customer. You're not 10 years old and I'm not your mother. Put the money in my effing hands as I have the courtesy to do for you, even after you've tossed it to the other side of the counter like throwing a bone to a dog. COME ON PEOPLE BASIC HUMAN INTERACTION SKILLS. —I swear I'll throw it out the door next time you throw it 3ft from me.

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