Low people in high places: Federal neglect of Nova Scotia

I spent 12 months in Nova Scotia and finished what I had to do and went back West. I gathered that there was much discontent about a lot of things and that there have been socioeconomic 'issues' going on for a long time. This is a bitch because it is dumb how the Federal Government seemingly won't lend a hand to this decent place. I mean, why not? The potential is obviously there to been one of Canada's greatest places. It could be a progressive ocean-side metropolis with more funding, less political bias(which I gathered has much to do with old social beefs and prejudices going back two hundred years and more!-grow up and forget what daddy thought, you're supposed to be leaders!) and more tangible city-planning. There has to be an embrace of the future from both the public and government so that awesome city can shine even more! Federal Gov: You should be ashamed of yourselves too! —Justice just-cause...


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