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I've been pregnant since February. This pregnancy hasn't been easy for me. I'm frequently tired, emotional and hormonal. And it's made me a home body whenever I'm not working. I turned down the last two of your suggestions to hang out because you kept getting me at a bad time. Sorry I didn't feel like going all the way out to Fall River to come hang out with you for a night. It wasn't just the distance. I just didn't plain feel like it. Then you practically invite yourself over to MY place, stating you'll stop by next Friday. When I told you my husband and I planned to have a quiet night alone that night, you go all diva on me, telling me how lame I've become since I got pregnant. You ragged on me for not asking you how your new job was going, and telling me "The world doesn't revolve around me and my fetus," was very insensitive! I've had a lot on my mind, you know, with expenses and saving money for this child that I'll be giving birth to in November! Whenever I actually do feel like going out somewhere, it's going to be with my HUSBAND! You're the only one out of all my friends who seem to have your nose out of joint about me being pregnant! It's probably because you've never been, and my other friends all have kids so they get it. I'm starting a freakin’ family soon and all you can think about is your career. I never asked you how your job was going?! How about you asking me how I'm feeling? Or if I had any baby names? Or if you could do anything to help?! My other friends have done that! You, on the other hand, are all about going out to dinner, having a drink (I can't freakin’ drink right now, you dolt), showing up at my place at bad times—IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU! I'm being the bad friend, am I? Nah uh, honey, YOU are the bad friend. —Pregnant and At The End Of My Rope

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