Do not "Go Ahead"

Dear Folks of Halifax, For the love of logic and reason, Please stop the amateur directing of traffic! If you are a pedestrian about to cross, please do not motion for a car to "go ahead". You have the right of way and the car waits for you. You might have pipe dreams of being a police officer, but unless you actually are, the "go ahead" wave just causes confusion. You see, the driver is not supposed to go ahead. You are. If you are driving along and, in oncoming traffic, you see someone needs to turn left, do not stop all traffic behind you and wave for them to "go ahead". The car turning left is waiting for a safe time to turn and you are not a reliable source of information here. a) There could be another lane on your right that you are not paying attention to. b) How would the left turner know that you are checking all your mirrors for them? Why would they want to take that risk? I would say if you are waving a "go ahead" you are probably not someone I trust to decide when I should turn at all since you seem to think you can make up the rules as you go. (The old "rotary rules" are a prime example of this.) For all that driver knows, you could be waving a fly away from your head and they could misinterpret you. Do not, from your car, take this moment, to paste a big smile and to lip sync more enthusiastic "go aheads" with a driver in some sort of delightful argument based on a misguided sense of pride about your ability to rewrite the road rules. I know you think you are being "helpful and polite" and you get some sort of kick out of it but unless someone is in danger your "go aheads" are CAUSING danger. Defensive driving is not the same as directing traffic. You are not in a cute country town where you can get away with freewheeling driving whereby everyone is meandering there way through the sleepy streets. There are rules for a reason. Be part of the solution and follow them. —Logicwarrior

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