Troll Rant

Hello, I'm a Troll, no not one of those awful internet trolls. I'm a real, green skinned, live under a bridge, ask riddles three, honest to goodness troll. I would like to go on record right now and say that I do not condone the actions of those pesky internet trolls. They give us real Trolls a bad name, I'm tired of it. Trolls used to be kinda cool, perfect for fairy tales and fantasy adventure. Now the name Troll conjures up terms like, racism, sexism, ext.. I'm not racist nor am I sexist I'll let anyone cross my bridge. Provided they answer my questions three, of coarse. If they fail? Well then I would be obligated, under troll law, to eat the failed.... I guess I could be perceived as kind of a dick too? That point is moot anyway, no one crosses my bridge in the forest. Ever since they put the road, and highway in. —A Real Troll


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