Another crosswalk bitch

The corner of Willett and Lacewood.....3 times in the 2 years I have lived in this area, I have come thisclose to getting smacked....once, while I'm crossing, a driver in the right lane turning on to Willett, is looking into the Sobeys parking lot on the left, yakking to her friend in the car and pointing.....turning right while looking left....while rolling through the red light....yes, you can turn right on red...providing it is safe to do, she wasn't going fast....point being...I'm in front of your attention...then turn right and go.....another time, twice, actually....I'm in the crosswalk, about halfway across and drivers turning left onto Lacewood from Willett drive in front of me, through the crosswalk....I need to stop to let you go by without squashing me....I'm allowed to be there because the little LED dude on the sign says I're not, because I'm already time, I'm gonna smack the side of your car, fall on the ground, cry like a baby in front of a bunch of witnesses and sue your fucking ass ..... —We were all pedestrians once.....

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