U R overconfident..... robot instinct taking over..... must avoid seeming as if I go by first impressions while I change my language to accommodate being judged quickly by someone I've known for 40 seconds..... Can't leave room because she will most likely see that as an acknowledgement to me somehow seeing myself the way she sees me. I'd better act natural while she silently judges me while forming her own selfish reality that I am "intellectually inferior" and "of no use" to her social agenda. She will bend others in favor of this view especially if I prove myself otherwise quickly enough for her to see me as a threat. If we end up having a conversation towards the end of the night where she sees that I most likely could be friends with many of her friends who are there, she will later explain how impressed she is with me, and how I "must be gay" in order to calm her general hatred of men that she placed me into the moment she most likely assumed that I was of no use; because otherwise, she would feel guilty. Oh wait, I'm not in Halifax anymore:) —The man who goes by many names


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