What the fuck is the name of the guy who wrote that stuff?

Wrote letters+Halifax, nova scotia+pseudonym. I saw fliers years ago about some nut in the 19th century writing letters and posting them around town, that in their essence, was 19th century political trolling. He went by a fake name like Argyle or Agricola or some shit like that. Google knows NOTHING. Does anyone know what the fuck I am talking about? And fuck all these sub cultures in this city, everyone from metal heads, to punks, to hippies, all act like elitist fucks; with their closed social circles and bullshit fucking attitudes. When I nod to you in passing; feel fucking free to nod back and not turn up your goddamn nose. WHEN I WAS A BOY; metal was about being a dirt bag who only wanted to have fun; and wore sweat pants with mustard stains and old t-shirts; we didn't Fuck you and your preening. I hate this city. I love this city; but I hate the people who are in it; mostly; not everyone; but most anyone who rolls in the groups and cliques. Go fuck yourselves. And who is that guy that wrote the letters? —Angry 30 Year Old Bitter Cranky Man Who Hates Everyone For The Most Part


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