Transexual rights

i think i finally figured out the real issue with transgender rights. firstly all the decision makers are men. that's a problem by itself, but, if trans men are allowed to use male bathrooms... they can't use the urinal. well, they probably could, and i think it would he hilarious to watch but that's not the point. it fills up our stalls and makes our bathroom line longer. and i don't know if you've noticed but the lack of a line for the mens bathroom is a point of pride for most men. and yes i know how sad that is i guess i'm one of the few people i know that gives enough of a shit about transgender rights to even attempt a conversation. i really just actually want to talk about it. it's a seriously complicated issue with a lot of very IRL consequences. and by "consequences" i mean the person sitting beside me while i'm taking a shit might have a vagina. though i guess the real issue people pretend exists is "men" being in the "womens" bathroom. because that is totally a thing. i mean, the only reason i don't rape people is because i lack the opportunity. thats kinda the implication here. and by "kinda" i mean there's literally an ad on tv stating that men will start raping people (children specifically, they imply that pedophiles will exploit) because they can now use the womens bathroom. thats fucked up on so many levels. so obviously the only solution is to make men dressed as women use the mens bathroom, because that's not fucking awkward and will never result in unnecessary calls to the police. —sinewave

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