Don't know 'bout your food, but you're rotten

I park in a big parking lot today, it was empty and there was a sign that read private parking, assumed it was for those spots in the back, I guess I didn't think much of it. 20 minutes later, back to the car I found a boot, quick like that, unnecessary like that. Called the number, asked if there's anything I could do about it, nope, paid 115 dollars. I can't remember spending so much money for 20 minutes of anything ever in my life. Anyway, I go inside the store to if nothing can be done to my case that at least they reconsidered the this way of dealing with the lot, I felt like this was a bit much. Meet the said Owner of this place, what a delight, mind you I kept a very polite and low tone.
- Hey, I just got booted
- I'm sorry about that
- Nothing that can be done about that right?
- No, not really
- Ok, well you see as a student I don't have this kind of money. This is going on my credit card now, it's a big hit. I'd suggest you could go a different way about this parking enforcement. It feels abusive.
She turned defensive...
- We do that because teenagers (because I'm younger I guess she wanted to target me?) park there to go to Tim Horton's and when I tell them not to park here because it's for the customers they say they don't care.
- I understand but there was so much space, I've parked there for 20 minutes and I had to pay 115 dollars, isn't it a bit abusive?
- Well, did you learn anything from it?
- Not really, I just learned that some people...
I was about to say some people are very money driven and forget that there's a lot more to it. And although legal, it's not the coolest way of doing business you know. It was an empty parking lot. But she interrupted me:
- You're a dickhead then.
- Did you just call me a dickhead? - I said that laughing, couldn't even believe this conversation I was havingI w
- I was trying to help you?
- How so?
- I asked you if you hadn't learned anything from it and you said nothing. So obviously...
- Wait, so you said you helped me by giving me a life lesson? I'm sorry are you the owner of this place? What's your name?
- V., you can go ahead and write whatever you want.
I don't think I said much after this, because it was clear this was going nowhere. I'm 22 years old and although still very immature, but this middle-aged business owner on a Wednesday morning, took being silly to a whole new level. I'm not gonna call you anything but silly, V. You're just...

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