To the people in Dartmouth bitching about group homes

What is wrong with you people?! You all think you are so open-minded and considerate yet look at this ridiculous controversy. Having group homes in your community means that your neighbourhood is a safe liveable place. The people living and working in group homes are wonderful, kind people and great neighbours. They're the ones that come over with baked goods on your kid's birthday, the ones who water your plants or feed your cat when you're on vacation. They don't throw big loud parties in the middle of the night, they don't leave garbage out to rot on their property, they don't renovate their house or mow the lawn at 6 in the morning... That is more than I can say for most of my neighbours so what is your problem Dartmouth? Do you think disabilities are contagious?? Or are you seriously just that much of an intolerant bigoted asshole??? Looks like you're the bad neighbor here! —wtf

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