Unfriended in the name of Jesus

OK, so you unfriended me on Facebook. The message you sent describing why baffles me. "I can no longer in good conscience remain your friend, knowing that you do not hold in your heart our Lord Jesus Christ. It's important that I and my children are not exposed to non-believers and their sinful ways.”  Seriously? Even though I am atheist, I was fine with your choice in religious beliefs, as they had no impact on our friendship. Sure, I ignored all of your posts claiming "one like=one prayer" for children starving in Africa. I prefer engaging in right actions in real life over random clicks on meaningless FB posts, but clearly this was not what you wanted from me. I'm not sure what "sinful" acts I am accused of; surely having a different belief system is not so threatening? I admit that I don't get the kinds of religions in which what you believe in is more important than your actions in your daily life. Wielding Jesus as a shield to justify hateful comments seems contradictory to me. So you unfriended me. That's okay. I'll find some open minded, tolerant, right-acting instead of right-believing friends to fill your place. —One like=nothing in the grand scheme of things


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