Stop the Peninsular Sunday evening streetracers

You all know the ones I mean: the grown-up little boys playing Hot Wheels every single Sunday from Spring to Thanksgiving, every single Sunday between 5 and 9 p.m., streetracing their roaring muscle cars and screaming motorcycles round and round the block--along Inglis then South Park and God knows where else. Hour after hour. They ruin every single Sunday evening on the Peninsula for half the year: my open windows are downwind of their pollution, I can't concentrate to read a book, and they drown out my TV. I can't understand why the police (and public) tolerate this illegal behaviour of speeding and reckless and dangerous driving. It's not as if it's "only" an occasional thing--it's EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY between 5 and 9--you could set your watch by these guys. Why not plant a few unmarked cop cars along the route and bust these lawless bastards? Apart from the noise nuisance, it's only a matter of time before these guys kill —I want my Sunday evenings backand I DON'T want to lose a neighbour

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