Where have all the sensible people gone?!

For those fellow Haligonians who visit libraries on a regular basis, I'm sure you could agree that the complete disregard for quiet is appalling at the Spring Garden location. While the purpose of desks at libraries is to provide a quiet environment for those who like to focus while reading or getting some work done, it is NOT the place to plunk your ignorant ass down opposite someone who is trying to study! To rudely disrupt them with your loud obnoxious voices all the while, is to lack any common sense whatsoever. To the ignorant brats who sat opposite me today where it was obviously a quiet table, (not one to bring your boisterous conversation and ignorance of those so devoted to studying), you fucking disgust me. You pricks need to shut the fuck up or go uselessly blab at coffee shops where noise is permitted. FYI, libraries are NOT meant to be cafes or foyers for screaming babies and children, nor are they for ignorant conversationalists. Libraries are meant for reading, studying, research, in other words QUIET activities. It really is common sense to be mindful of those around you and keep your sickening mouths shut among the books. And as if I couldn't already be more annoyed, to top off the day, while the heavens opened up on Halifax and the library was closing, those who were peacefully minding their own business in the entry way between the two sets of doors, only waiting for a ride, you central library, carelessly forced all of us outside in the pouring rain. How disrespectful! You are absolutely despicable! If it weren't for all the users of the library many of the jobs would be impossible. It is ridiculous to kick those you once welcomed out at the stroke of 6 into the pouring rain. You couldn't even allow 5 more minutes to loyal library goers to stand inside the doors. I am completely shocked and disappointed at your lack of humanity. You should be ashamed of the way you treated us today and because of this ignorance I definitely will not be supporting this service anymore. —Disgusted student longing for the old fashioned libraries

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