Office PB&Js

People with allergies don’t just one day think up that they are allergic to things like peanuts because they are bored or whiney; allergies are real and very serious. If you don’t have allergies, good for you. You should be thankful and considerate of people that unlike you have to constantly worry about not only what they eat but what people around them are eating AT ALL TIMES. I constantly have to be looking out for strangers eating peanuts or peanut butter in public places like at the movies or next to me on the bus. I shouldn’t have to still be on the lookout within my own workplace. To eat peanut butter in a small office in which you know a coworker is allergic (because they have told you numerous times) is a really fucked up thing to do on a human level. You’re feel snacky? You poor thing. I’m now at the hospital for the day and spending the weekend blotchy and sick. I hope you read this as I know you’re not actually working for half of the work day. Prick. —Itchy and Vomiting

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