To all selfish, entitled drivers

So sick of people thinking the world revolves around them just because they are in a car and I am on foot. I only cross at marked crosswalks when the crosswalk light indicates I may (not just a green light). Several times I have been nearly hit from people trying to speed through the intersection before I cross their path. Also, an in particular FUCK YOU to the driver who saw me crossing the cross walk and decided to try speed around the corner, nearly hitting me, when I turned around to look and try and understand just what the fuck you were doing you started yelling AT ME. you PARKED your car on a BUSY FAST LANE in order to bitch me out for getting in your way when I had started crossing before you even put your foot on the fucking gas. Needless to say you are an absolute jerk who needs to remember the world does not revolve around you. —Sick of nearly getting hit

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