Dining Room Drama

Here's a hearty FUCK YOU to any restauranteur who makes servers tip out to the house. I don't care what you say the money goes to, making your staff PAY YOU to do their JOB is bullshit. It covers walkouts? Fuck that. Walkouts are the cost of doing business. As far as I remember, you hired me to serve food, not to run security. You wouldn't make retail employees pay for items shoplifted while they're on the clock, so why should servers have to pay for walkouts? It covers breakages? Fuck that. It's a restaurant, and unless you are serving your food and drink on paper plates and in plastic cups, stuff is gonna break sometimes. It's the cost of doing business. House tip outs are illegal in many Canadian provinces and American states. Fuck Nova Scotia for not getting with the program and telling businesses that it is not OK for their employees to have to pay THEM to work. —Restaurant Workers Unite

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