Everything's topsy-turvy: cars on crosswalks, bikes on sidewalks

If you're going to drive a giant suv but can't see over the steering wheel feel the need to get your nose into traffic in order to see, perhaps you need a vehicle you can manage. Don't snap at pedestrians annoyed because you're on the crosswalk waiting for rush hour traffic to break for your left-hand turn and nothing's moving. We don't care that you're SUV's too big for you. If you can't drive it, don't drive it - the person in the passenger's seat telling you you're in the way was tall enough and old enough to be driving, and seemed to understand the rules better than others. A couple streets down someone was in the same position as you, but instead of staying not moving and trying to explain that I should just accept some people are morons, they backed up a couple inches and apologized - a inch and a 'sorry' makes a world of difference. Next time I'll be sure to walk behind you & take down your plate. At least you didn't have a business name written on your vehicle - these idiots get called. Buddy on the bike on the sidewalk who refuses to slow down and is hellbent on getting as many bell-rings as he can in before he gets past pedestrians - I'm always on the edge (of the sidewalk) anyway, so one ring works fine. What works even better is riding in the street with the other adult cyclists. I get that it's dangerous - no one understands better than I do that some people can't drive. Is it too much to ask that you drive on the side that would create the illusion that you might sometimes drive with the competent cyclist on the road? Downhill full-speed on Quinpool heading toward the arm at rush hour (traffic's hardly moving) ringing your bell a dozen times and determined to push pedestrians off the sidewalk isn't working for me. I screamed at you a few weeks ago and you were good until today when you also nearly took out a mother & child. Your next etiquette lesson is around the corner. —Pissy Pedestrian

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