street stress

talk about stress, the new paint job, benchs ,planters,trees, and barracades, is a nitemare for ,garbage trucks , the baracade are still up saying its for people only so they have to move them their selfs ,and by the time the streets, get cleaned of the barf and piss, broken glass, the early tourists see it all, plus the corner by the new convention centre , seen five eighteen wheelers stuck on fence of bar , trying to to turn down to barrington street , one was stuck on a sunday for two hrs , with back up traffic every where,plus now they have bales of straw up abnd down the side walks, the homeless tear them apart, to sleep on in from of the bars late at nite, can see whats going to happen there , some drunk is going to light a match , to straw and burn to death someone! lots of street stress , that is going on , its not all that the nice reports are trying to tell us ! —crasy city


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