Best friend I've ever had huh?

So my baby shower was this past weekend and you didn't even show up. At first I thought something had happened to you, so after I texted you three times asking where you were at, an hour after everyone went home, you tell me you're done with me! I'm sitting there shocked. And I'm thinking what the fuck, since we've been friends for 7 years. You went on about how I never make an effort to have girl time with you anymore and that you have been trying to hang out and you complained about only seeing me 1-2 times in the past 5 months. You then called me a selfish ungrateful bitch who didn't deserve to have you in my life and that I just lost the best friend I've ever had. I'm fucking pregnant and working extra hours so my boyfriend and I can be ready for this baby! I'm also nausious and exhausted half of the time, yet it's still all about you. Yes, I've hung out with my other friends more this summer, but that's because their schedules are similar to mine! It just so happened that any time you wanted to do something, I wasn't able to! Bad timing, simple as that. But this low blow?! Not showing up to my baby shower, without any explanation as to why until AFTER the fact? Seven years, down the drain. This was a stressful year for me and it caused us to drift a bit, it was nothing personal until now! You were going to be a bridesmaid, we were that close. You're right though, I don't deserve to have you in my life, I don't deserve toxic people who will just ruin things for me, especially when I have a baby on the way. So fuck you. I won't be missing you. —Ex-friend of a passive aggressive b


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