You. Are NOT. A CURATOR. (nice album collection though)

Ahem. Hipsters, please, please, please stop using the word CURATED in reference to your; album collection, selection of vintage clothing, lists of restaurants, band line up for your rock festival, shit you like on Pinterest. To CURATE does not mean to edit, or choose, or to collect or assemble. Curating, in the art world, has much more to do with asking an urgent intellectual question—a question that has emerged out of robust and peer reviewed research (empirical research, not, like, Googling articles on the internet, or relying on secondary sources) and exploring that question through an analysis of art works that are positioned in relation to each other and to the viewer. While I certainly think you can position any object—whether it’s an art piece or a porcelain toilette—within a gallery space ( or any kind of social space) to lead/engage a viewer through an intellectual/experiential process, it's probably NOT GONNA HAPPEN in your vintage clothing store. Or your brewery. Or your online magazine. Or listening to your iPod.

Great collection, though. Nice stuff, good taste—just stop using the word CURATED. I know the word sounds oh-so-fresh-and-so-cool and I get that you aspire to have the recognition and admiration that being a CURATOR engenders. But you’re not a curator. You just chose some cool stuff you like. You have great aesthetic taste.

A CURATOR would deconstruct the social and cultural process of how individuals collectively develop an aesthetic (within, say, a subculture like hipsters), through an exhibition of artworks that would lead you (the viewer) into some kind of internal dialogue exploring the cognitive dissonance that occurs when one is challenged to deconstruct their own identity. Like, what’s happening right now as you read this? Why don’t you go ‘curate’ that. Pretentious f*%s. —Suffering Fools. NOT.

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