Crazy father at the library

Today I was cutting through the courtyard behind the library, on my way to my car, when I saw this young kid (7 y/o?) balling his eyes. As I looked around there was no one in sight so I stopped to make sure he was okay (I thought maybe he had exited the library and was lost or didn't know how to get back in).

While trying to keep a few metres between us so I didn't scare him, I asked "is everything okay?", "do you need any help?", and "where are your parents?". He then pointed as his mom started to round the corner. His mom told me that the kid was "having a bit of a freakout" so they left him there for a little bit to cool down--fair enough, I thought.

I said okay and that I just wanted to make sure the kid wasn't lost and was about to leave when his crazy ass father came ripping around the corner with his umbrella pointed at me like the Penguin from Batman Returns.

Immediately Mr. Crazy Dad started yelling at me to "get away from his kid" and that "you can't approach kids like this". At this point I was offended. I asked him "what his f*cking problem was".

Now I'm sure that Crazy Dad is going around telling people that someone tried to lure his kid or some shit.

I admit that dropping the F bomb in front of the kid was not a good call and I apologize, but some advice for any parents out there: don't leave your crying child on a bench walk away and get mad if someone tries to help. —Concerned citizen just trying to help


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