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Walking down the street late one evening, when not too far away a couple of people were walking along and one of them said aloud (though most of their conversation was audible) "Is that a guy wearing pantyhose?" Yes, I am wearing a form of tights, first of all. Second of all, guy? I'm sorry, but not one person can tell the gender, sex, sexuality—or anything about that individual for that matter—just based on looking, regardless if it is day or night (high vis or low vis). I am not male; I am queer. Every night I'm out I am yelled at, stared at, laughed at, for being openly queer. I like "women’s clothes.” I enjoy decorating my body for myself, not for you. You are entitled to your own body, so leave mine alone. Everyone should feel comfortable at any time of the day. And PS, to a previous bitch comment section where someone mentioned their frustration with bro shaming: Bros publicly shame a lot of people. There’s nothing wrong with fighting back. —Here and Queer So Fuck Off My Dear <3

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