Biking woes

I'm tired of biking in this city. The heckling from dumb drivers is annoying, but can be ignored. But the idiot drivers who don't understand that bikes have a right to the road are seriously wearing me down and making me question whether I want to bike any more. Riding down Gottingen, you decide to honk the horn of your stupid pickup truck at me because I'm in front of you and you want to pass. Guess what? I don't have to move to the side. I had a left turn coming up so I needed to be in the middle of the lane. I have a right to the road. Even if I wasn't turning left, Gottingen is a narrow street with cars parked on both sides. Sometimes bikers just have no way to keep to the right on our roads. I know it adds a whole 3.4 seconds to your commute in your giant stupid truck, but you'll be fine, I promise. But you keep riding my ass, so I move to the right as best I can and try to wave you past, but you just follow right behind me anyway. Then when I finally make my left turn you slow down and STOP in the middle of the road to tell me to "have a nice day." Hope you have a nice day too, fuckface. —Frustrated biker of 8 years

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