Nice for $$

To all you (men) who think it's cool to ask people (women) out while they're at their job: Go f*** yoursevles! It is my job to provide great customer service. I am paid to be nice to you. Just because I smiled when you walked in the door does not mean I am single, or even looking to find more singles in the area. If it's your first time in my shop, do you really expect me to behave like an a**h*** and treat you like s***?! NO! Why? Because you know - we all know - CSRs are paid to give good service. If you really want to ask me out, come back. Get to know me. In real life, I could be an entirely different person than you saw in the ten minutes you were in my shop (spending money because it's my job to try to get you to spend as much as possible each visit.) —I just want to be left alone

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