Dog Shit for Brains

Hey....shit for brains. So you're somewhat polite enough to pick up your dog's shit, somewhat intelligent enough to tie it up in the poo bag....but then you leave the bag, with the shit in it, right on the ground where the dog left it originally. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU ??? Now the shit sits there in a bag practically forever. At least if you left it in it's original place maybe the rain may dissolve it away.....guess you feel you should somehow protect that shit from the elements so that all can see for weeks and months to come. If I was fortunate enough to witness your'd have your own sample of shit...not in a bag....on your front ignorant lazy piece of dog shit. Try wrapping your own head in the bag instead....and tie it tightly around your own fucking neck......oh and by the way....FU —Picker-Upper of My Dog's Anal Droppings


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