Response to Male Entitlement

This is in response to an older bitch rant quite a few weeks back titled Male Entitlement. While I agree with you that this guy you went on a one off date with should have treated you better and not had high expectations of where said date was headed, you're following comment that no self respecting woman would date a guy making $11/hr. How fucking ignorant and stupid are you? Seems pointless to point out the fact that you are wrong on so many levels as proof to the contrary is all around us. People who are making $11-13 are just as often busting their ass and having families with those that have more successful jobs. You seem pretty materialistic and hopefully that's the sort of guy who will get stuck with. I showed you're comment to some of the women in my college class and they think along the same lines as I do. —(can't think of anything clever here)

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