Share the road?

Why is this such a hard concept for Halifax to wrap their heads around? Why is it so hard for people to keep an eye out for pedestrians at an obviously marked crossing? I can admit being stuck behind a cyclist is about as much fun as being stuck behind a bus. But thats life. You make a conscious decision to operate a motor vehicle, that's your choice and you must deal with the nuances involved in said choice. We were all hopefully taught to share as children and yet as adults we seem to have forgotten this simple law of the land. But when all is said and done if you can't deal with a handful of cyclists during your commute you really shouldn't be driving a motor vehicle. And yes, I realize there are shitty cyclists out there and always will be but looking at in a per capita basis then there are far, far more shitty drivers out there. I could drive from Bayers Lake to Barrington and see maybe one or two cyclists not following the rules of the road. However, I could make the same trip in a car and not even be able to keep track of the amount of drivers not following the rules of the road. The lesson here folks, just share the road, its that easy! —mph

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