The Big Lift

I wonder how many people foresaw what the big lift would actually be? Setbacks, delays and general frustration. The first segment was supposed to be dropped the first weekend of September, six weeks later it happens with no insight into when the next drop will happen. Then of course they're behind schedule but we're told its a learning curve according to their spokesperson. Isn't this why we brought in and paid extra for the same company that did this in Vancouver already? Yup, learning curve. Then theres this big bump as they're calling it now. Did no one check the blueprints and notice this prior to opening the bridge? Hell, did any of the workers or foremen or inspectors notice? Nope. Did this happen in Vancouver? Nope. Then the papers publish a story saying its normal, part of switching out the bridge decks. Well if the big bump is on the first segment on the Dartmouth side how will it be eradicated as they move towards Halifax? And then I think they just left it, left it for a day which delayed traffic for hours before the Bridge Commission and city says something like "well, we'll get the contractors to see if they can lay down a patch to smooth it out". Wow! Pure genius, but how the hell didn't anyone know this big bump was gonna happen and why the fuck did the bridge open with it? Guess its another simple oversight from the experienced crew thats already done this. Two months behind schedule, no credible reasons, but hey thats life I guess. Finally maybe they could waive the bridge fee's during peak hours, because you know that may make a bit of sense to ease the horrific congestion. Doubtful that'll ever happen though. I had a feeling Halifax couldn't undertake a project of this magnitude and then I think oh boy, the Mackay's gotta be due for the same thing in a decade or so. At the rate their going maybe the MacDonald will actually be finished by then. —Anita F

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