to the dark grey four way intersection demon from hell

vernon and jubilee crosswalk, 1ish pm, monday. i am on my bike, i am the first to the line by far, and i had just finished waiting for a pedestrian to cross and for the crossing guard to return to his sidewalk post. i make my move forward, while signaling my turn onto vernon, i thought this was well established, i am in motion, it is my right of way. light grey car passes me straight, i think okay, you're rearing to go and a bit of an asshole, but you're not going to kill me, i am in the middle of the road, after light grey goes, i am turning really obviously, and slowly because i see you, dark grey civic, straight from the mouth of hell. you are not stopping as i am turning onto vernon, you are so very fucking close to me. so, what happened? why? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, SLIMEY DICKBAG. ARE YOU SO UNBELIEVABLY PRESSED FOR TIME THAT HAVING MY BODY AND BIKE ON YOUR CAR WOULD BE LESS OF AN INCONVENIENCE THAN WAITING YOUR FUCKING TURN FOR A QUICK 2 SECONDS!?? learn how to drive you absolute spawn of satan. —valuing my life, and absolutely cursing yours

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