Moochiest Mooch on the planet, I'm sure!

You know who you are. Coming into work everyday, mooching cigarettes,  money, drives, pain killers, et cetera. Just because I live comfortably and you don't (which is 100 percent your own fault), does not entitle you to what I have earned. When I say no, don't go behind my back and complain about me not doing something or giving something to you. Remember that money I gave you two years ago to buy groceries and dog food? You still haven't paid it back, and it was only $40. You are a grown-ass woman. You have had severe pain on a "monthly basis" since you were a teenager. Newsflash! You can buy Midol at Dollarama. Start taking responsibility for yourself. While I'm at it, stop asking the boss man for money to fix your teeth. You have dental insurance...oh wait! All the cheap dentists have you blacklisted for not paying your bill! Stop expecting everyone to drive you everywhere. If I have to hear you complain about having to work until 12:30 with someone who will not drive you home, and bitch about the boss scheduling you to work with them, I'm gonna puke in your face. It's not her job to arrange your transportation. I just don't understand how a 40-year-old woman can treat others like you do. Also, if I say I don't have something to give, don't go in my purse to see if I actually do or not. That's totally disrespectful. I hope I get you for secret Santa so I can buy you a sign that just says "clue" so maybe you will get one because everyone telling you this ALL THE TIME hasn't worked so far. —The hand that is done feeding

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